Single-page or multi-page?  

  • Single-page (SPA) vs. multi-page apps (MPA), pros and cons
  • Which site builder is best for SPA and MPA, respectively?
  • How does SEO depend on app vs. site / SPA vs. MPA
  • Which format is going to prevail - sites/apps, single/multi-page?

In summary, for shorter content with articles themed around the site topic, single-page provides a good user experience and SEO - otherwise go multi-page. We reference site builders for either case, both content-oriented and visual.

Single-page (SPA) vs. multi-page apps (MPA), pros and cons

Multi page web applications vs. single page web applications, by
An instructive article on SPA vs MPA, pros and cons on either side.
Conclusion: "So, what pattern to use and when? I would suggest not to mix the SPA and MPA ... Each one is good for its own use case ... "
Single-Page vs. Multi-page UI Design: Pros & Cons by
The trend to single page sites is fueled by a very justified quest for simplicity and speed. Simple one-page sites are also great for responsive design, serving all devices equally. Of course, sometimes a site absolutely needs more pages.
What does Google think of single-page websites?
YouTube, Matt Cutts (Google): "If it works for you and your users to have that all on one page, for the most part it should work for Google as well"
It still controversial, though. Multiple pages provides multiple search paths. Interesting comment on this video: " ... no visibility, if it is very JavaScript heavy. Try this Google the following and tell me how many pages are returned in the search results."
Searchengineland on single vs. multi page
There many useful tips for single page seo: H1s, defined content sections, anchors for sections.
Conclusion: "Single page websites can be great for new sites and special projects. I don't recommend them as long-term solutions and, if you have a multi-page website, I do not recommend switching to a single-page site."

Which site builder is best for SPA and MPA, respectively?

  • Wix: single-page. Ideologically, Wix comes from the web app idea (that was even so before 2012 when they built with Flash, now obsolete) and is not a multi-site specialist. Some example sites with pages are actually one-page sites with all "pages" having the same content (and Google would only index the site altogether). However, some sites have physically distinct content and meta tags for the individual pages and the pages are properly indexed.
  • Weebly: multi-page. In contrast to Wix, Weebly, founded in 2006, well before apps, is a true multi-page site builder. And they have not made it to a single page scrolling template (as of August 2016)
  • Squarespace
  • Strikingly: single page. Strikingly is a modern

In general, in order to check which pages of a site are indexed, do a Google site search. For instance, if the site URL is, then google In this way, you may check example sites of Wix (Oct. 2016) and Weebly (Sep. 2016), respectively.

How does SEO depend on app vs. site / SPA vs. MPA


  • Wix: a critical report on Wix which was re-commented by Wix. Meanwhile there is much more recent information. In particular, Wix's notorious SEO-unfriendliness is no issue anymore (no HTML). Plus, individual pages can be marked up with meta tags. However, users have to enter the tags - and typicle Wix user's dont't do it, which Wix admits indirectly: "If the Meta Tags are deemed weak or incomplete, Google chooses the next most relevant content on the page to display"

Which format is going to prevail - sites/apps, single/multi-page?

Leading Site Builder top site builder picks:

  • Wix: most flexible, feature-packed
  • Weebly: easiest-to-use website builder, most user-friendly, intuitive
  • Wix vs. Squarespace

Wix vs.

Website builders for single-page vs. multi-page:

  • Wix might also built multi-page (i.e. normal, conventional) web sites. Mostly, however, in many examples, Wix sites are single-page, no true multipage. Meta tags for all "pages" the same. That is, these sites are not good for SEO. In normal websites, each individual page is search engine optimized and all add up to the site's SEO power.

What sitebuilder offer additional to site building

"It's marketing, stupid" (according to Bill Clinton)

"Best SEO practices to make your site super Google-friendly / Strategies for maximizing site visitor engagement and conversion / Suggestions on how to build and own your brand online
Connecting your own domain, adding HTML and apps / adding custom code / images and videos / collaboration

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It's partly comparing apples with pears, but the two presentation tools other than SlideShare are listed as "Alternatives to SlideShare". Another candidate on the innovative side would be, but it's difficult to get Google trends for this very much generic brand name.

The trend for shows: versatility and openness pays. As a percentage, the trend is even stronger then Google Slides'.